Equipped for a purpose - Multi Purpose Room

Exploring God's design in preparing his followers for Kingdom purposes

Taught by: Don trapp & joe schrader

Learning to apply biblical truths of Christ which will develop clear pathways to become exactly who He designed us to be. These lessons will be studied through a lens of who God is in creation, who we are in redemption and what He would desire of us in the sanctification process.

Old Testament - Ed Building Room #111

an introductory understanding of the Old Testament

taught by: Justin Morehead

Have you ever felt an inability to understand the Old Testament? Maybe the history seems complicated and unclear, or the sacrifices seem culturally distant or off-putting. Perhaps it's just the reading - there's too much and it's dry at points. If you identify with any or all of these thoughts, this is the class for you! The Old Testament is the story of God's pursuit of his people. Story after story reveals his grace, mercy, justice and sovereignty in his perfect plan to be reunited with his people! The Old Testament teaches of God's faithfulness and how every promise is fulfilled in Jesus.

Romans - Gym

Be renewed by the transforming of your mind.

Taught by: mitch evans

Since Jesus walked the earth the letter to the Romans has caused more change in our world than any other single letter in history. For centuries people have been profoundly transformed by this letter. The overwhelming impact of the letter stems from its penetrating presentation of the gospel. Have you been impacted by this world-altering letter? this class will seek to unpack the truths of Romans, with sole purpose of seeing its transformative truth come to life.