Woodlawn is committed to providing adults with the opportunities and resources necessary to pursue godly relationships within the church that encourage a more faithful walk with Christ.

Community Groups

On Sunday mornings our adults are involved in a Sunday school class of their choosing. If you would want more information on our Sunday school classes click here.

Wednesday Nights

On Wednesday nights our adults participate in discussion focused classes. If you would like more information of Woodlawn Wednesdays click here.

Discipleship Groups

Adults at Woodlawn are encouraged to meet each week with their Discipleship Group. These groups are made up of 3-4 people who are committed to spending time together each week doing intentional, spiritual good in each other's lives. Each week, Woodlawn provides these groups with a sermon-based short and simple set of questions designed to help us look inward as we apply the Scriptural principles from each week's sermon to our lives called a Response Guide.