Acts 1:8 is the basis of our missions philosophy.  This philosophy commits us to a comprehensive missions strategy.  It leads us through a process of intentional, integrated, comprehensive, and year-round mission learning, praying, giving, and going.

Short trips

MOnkey River Village

For the last three short trips we have gone to Monkey River Village in Belize.  This is a small fishing/tourist village in the south of Belize with a population of around 200 people.  There is no regular worship service in this village.  Our vision is to help establish and lead


Brian Pate & Family

We are partnering with Reaching & Teaching to provide theological and practical training to pastors in Brazil. 

Giving & Sending

If one cannot go as a missionary then one can send another as a missionary.  We have three church wide campaigns each year.  The Lottie Moon mission campaign occurs around Christmas and is for international missions.  The Annie Armstong campaign occurs around Easter and is for home missions. The Operation Christmas Child is special as it occurs  at VBS.