the story of christianity

how we got from acts to woodlawn

Taught by: Mitch Evans & Eric Gunter

Jesus boldly proclaims, “I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Do you see the church this way: as the world’s leading institution for the work of God? Through this course we want to see the development of the church Christ established, and understand the world shaping story of Christianity. This story takes many interesting and intriguing twists, but all the while illustrating God’s faithfulness to build his church. For instance, how did we end up with the New Testament and why isn’t the Gospel of Thomas part of it? If the word Trinity isn’t in the Bible why are people so convinced its true? What about the blots on the church in its history like the Crusades or the witch trials? Being honest about the history of the church through a biblical lens does not diminish God’s faithfulness but bolsters it. In this course we will follow the lives and events that make up the story of Christianity from its inception as a church in Jerusalem to our church now. Through this process we will be led to love the church of Christ, and further embrace our role as the single entity God has established to carry out his plan in the world. 

1 JOhn

Assurance for the Christian LIfe

taught by: Justin Morehead

The issue that resulted in the writing of 1 John is still an issue in the church today. John’s congregation had been exposed to false teachings that presented a wrong view of the Christian faith. Even though these false teachers left the church they remained connected with many of its members. Their wrong views and continued influence caused a great deal of uncertainty among John’s congregation. The same problem exists today. There are still many false teachings about the Christian faith that have led to uncertainty and confusion in the lives of many Christians. As this class walks verse by verse through 1 John, we will seek to better understand true, biblical Christianity and what it looks like in the life of a believer. Along with John, our primary goal is for uncertainty to be removed, and assurance found in its place. If you would benefit from a clearer understanding of the Christian faith and the assurance it brings, this is the class for you!

When I Am afraid

Regaining hope through God's peace and rest

taught by: Chris Norris

Fear and worry impact a person’s whole being and their root is found in our hearts.  We often respond to these feelings in a way that pulls us away from our hope. This book study will expose the false hopes of this world and reveal the eternal truths of God’s peace and rest that provide hope. Becoming less afraid is a lifelong process of redirecting our thoughts to the hope found in Christ.