who are dnow groups for?

DNow groups are for 6-12 grade students. We currently have two DNow groups, one for 6th-8th grade boy's and one for girls.

What are Dnow groups?

DNow groups are an opportunity for students to engage in age and gender specific community through Bible study, accountability/prayer, and fellowship nights.

Where do dnow groups meet?

Some groups will meet at the church and some groups meet off campus. The middle school boys meet at the church in the student room and the girls meet in at a church member's home.

When do dnow groups meet?

DNow groups meet on Sundays from 5:30pm-7:00pm.

why do dnow groups exist?

DNow groups exist to provide a deeper sense of community for our students. While students have built lasting relationships from Sunday morning and Wednesday night services, DNow groups give an opportunity for students to have community with their immediate peers. This community, being founded on Bible study and prayer, will allow for greater community in the whole student ministry and greater community in the church as a whole.

how does my student get involved in a dnow group?

If you are interested in having your student involved in one of these DNow groups please fill out the "DNow Group Form" by clicking here.